Forthcoming book


Finding the Value in the Gap 




Paul Kempton, Managing Director, Footprint Music (UK); and Massimo Travostino, Partner, Studio Legale Associato Della Gatta Travostino Bottero (Italy).


Last year we examined the positive effect of technology on the music industry: supporting a return to growth and stimulating disruptive and evolving ways for generating revenue.  In other words, looking at the ways in which technology can support, rather than destroy, value creation. In 2018, we pick up on this concept of value creation and focus on the so-called “Value Gap”, seeking to broaden the popular perception of the expression by looking beyond the “Safe Harbour” debate at what other factors might contribute to the gap between the rights owners’/artists’ expectations and reality when it comes to income generation in the new paradigm.


Finding the Value in the Gap in 2018.