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From the Metaverse to AI, and Everything In Between: How International Law Is Attempting To Keep Pace With Rapid Technological Advances

Technology progresses, and the law often struggles to catch up. This is nothing new, but the rapid pace of technological advances in recent years has only emphasized this dichotomy. This book presents the perspectives of authors throughout the world on how various legal systems have been adapted to fit new technological regimes, ranging from NFTs, to the metaverse, to artificial intelligence (AI). Likewise, this book offers thought-provoking contributions regarding the business implications, the data protection challenges and the renewed need for personality right protections that such technologies bring along It also dive-deeps into the necessity of expanding trademark portfolios, provides guidance on LP infringements, digital asset ownership and developer closures, as well as on organising virtual music concerts, navigating platform responsibilities, and tackling dispute resolution hurdles. 

Edited by Bradley Mullings& Olga Sihtar



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