The IAEL is pleased to confirm its UPDATED programme below for Midem 2015 to be held in Cannes next month.  As well as the move this year to June, please note the change in days: with the IAEL Legal Summit Day (including our main seminars and member dinner) now being held on Saturday.  As you will see this year there are also IAEL sponsored events on Friday through to Monday.



Friday 5th June



10:30 - 11:30

Training Room

Palais Level -1






17:15 - 18:15

Midem Talks

Palais Main Room













Followed by

18:15 - 19:15

Midem Talks

Palais Main Room





Music & Tech 101 - 10 Things Everyone Needs To Know About Digital Copyright

Speaker: Wim Schreurs, Founder & Entertainment Attorney, Ubilex (Belgium)


A back-to-basics session looking at the fundamentals of rights and licensing in a digital world and how they underpin the business of music, media and technology. Understanding these core copyright concepts will allow you to go on and master the more complex legal and commercial issues facing the industry today.


Policy, Copyright and Creativity - Debating the Implications of Legislative Developments in the USA

Moderator: Dina La Polt, Attorney, La Polt Law (US)

Speakers: Jacqueline Charlesworth, General Counsel & Associate Register of Copyrights, US Copyright Office (US); Daryl Friedman, Chief Advocacy & Industry Relations Officer, National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (US); Mike Herring, CFO, Pandora (US); Elizabeth Matthews, CEO, ASCAP (US); and Cary Sherman, Chairman and CEO, RIAA (US)


It is increasingly clear that the US Copyright Act and consent decrees need to be substantially overhauled to keep up with new technologies and effectively address the modern music landscape. Four different sections of the federal government are independently reviewing these laws, with updates expected in 2015 and beyond. Join the key stakeholders in this debate for a lively discussion on the impact of such legislative developments.


The International Impact of Copyright Reforms in the US

Moderator: Jeff Liebenson, President of the IAEL, Liebenson Law (US)

Speakers: Robert Ashcroft, CEO, PRS for Music; Lee Knife, Executive Director, DiMA (US); Dina La Polt, Attorney, La Polt Law (US); and Jean-Noel Tonc, Director General, SACEM (France)


With the international attention focused on the 2015 evolution of the US legislative landscape, and as similar copyright law reviews are happening in other countries, join the conversation with international stakeholders on the key outcome of such developments outside of the US.




Saturday 6th June - IAEL/Midem Legal Summit



10:00 - 12:00

Training Room

Palais Level -1


The IAEL Legal Update Seminar - What You Need To Know In 2015: The Legal Update for Entertainment & Technology

Chairman: Alexander Ross, Partner, Wiggin (UK)

Keynotes: Alan Graham, Co-founder, One Click Licence (UK) and Robert Ashcroft, CEO, PRS for Music (UK)

Speakers: Philippe Allaeys, Partner, Twelve (France); Jacqueline Charlesworth, General Counsel, US Copyright Office (US); Joep Meddens, Associate Partner, Höcker(Netherlands); Eberhard Kromer, Partner, SKW Schwarz (Germany); Olivier Sasserath, Partner, Marx Van Ranst Vermeersch & Partners (Belgium); Ted Shapiro, Partner, Wiggin (Belgium); Gordon Williams, Partner, Lee & Thompson (UK); and Takuya Yamazaki,  Attorney-at-Law, Field-R Law Offices (Japan)


Once again legal and industry experts report on developments which have had a major impact on the industry this year, and give their predictions of what we can expect in the next 12 months. As well as our national updates we consider key EU case law and Brussels expert Ted Shapiro gives his insight into the European Commission's Digital Single Market Strategy. Tech guru Alan Graham examines the best and worst in new technology and PRS for Music Chief Executive Robert Ashcroft gives his views on the CMO Directive and collective licensing in Europe.

Followed by

12:00 - 13:00

Training Room

Palais Level -1










The IAEL Masterclass - Synch Deals

Speakers: Tom Foster, Head of Film & TV Licensing, Universal Music Publishing (UK); Annabelle Gauberti, Partner, Crefovi (UK/France); Bernard Resnick, Attorney at Law, Bernard M. Resnick, Esq., P.C. (USA); and Massimo Travostino, Partner, Studio Legale Pecoraro-Travostino (Italy)


The business of synchronization - of placing music within ads, films, TV and games - is a hugely important business for labels, artists, brands and the creators of those other media. In this session expert speakers will guide you through the main legal and commercial factors when negotiating a synch licensing deal.


14:30 - 17:30

Training Room

Palais Level -1





The IAEL Main Seminar - The Streaming Revolution in the Entertainment Industry

Chairmen: Jeff Liebenson, President of the IAEL, Liebenson Law (US); and Marcelo Goyanes, Partner, Murta Goyanes Advogados (Brazil)

Keynotes: Ty Roberts, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Gracenote (US); and John Rose, Senior Partner and Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group (US)

Speakers: Justin Goldspink, Barrister, GSC (UK); Howard Hertz, Shareholder, Hertz Schram (US), Will Lewis, Principal, Lewis Law Group (US); Renata Loyola, Chief Legal Officer, iMusica (Brazil); John McLellan, Partner, Haldanes (China); Elizabeth Moody, VP Global Content Licensing, Pandora (US); Deborah Newman, Founder, MusicStrat (US); Anne-Marie Pecoraro, Partner, Turquoise (France); Radboud Ribbert, Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig (Netherlands); Angela Rose White, Chief Operating Officer, David Rose Publishing (US); and Jagdish Sagar, IP and Media Lawyer (India)


Music streaming is replacing the established downloading model and other content sectors are experiencing similar developments. This is forcing a re-examination of strategic direction and overall economics. In this fast emerging context, this seminar will focus on many of the tough new issues that arise from the streaming revolution.

Including Coffee and Networking Break 16:00 - 16.30

Followed by


Palais Level 1


The IAEL Cocktail Party@Verriere Croisette

Above the Croisette Entrance 

From 19:30


The IAEL Member Dinner@Plage Royale(IAEL members only)

Please confirm your attendance - all IAEL members welcome.


Sunday 7th June



10:00 - 11:00

Networking Village

Palais Level -1












11:30 - 13:00

Auditorium D

Palais Level 3


Speedmeetings - Meet the Tech Lawyers

Participants:Allen Bargfrede, Executive Director, Rethink Music (US); Tahir Basheer, Partner, Sheridans (UK); Christian Bauer, Lawyer, Music & Law Lawyers (Germany); Annabelle Gauberti, Partner, Crefovi (UK/France); Guillaume Gomis, Partner, Gomis & Lacker Law Firm (France); Bianca Muller, Lawyer, Trademark and Entertainment Law Office (Germany); Fábio Pereira, Partner, Veirano Advogados (Brazil); Peer P. Petersen, Partner, Bech Bruun (Denmark); Adam Rendle, Senior Associate, Taylor Wessing (UK); and David Vodicka, Partner, Media Arts Lawyers (Australia)


Specialist lawyers will be available for five-minute one-to-one consultations to provide guidance on relevant topics ranging from copyright to contract. No need to book, just turn-up! First come, first served.


The IAEL AGM (IAEL members only)

Annual general meeting of the IAEL - all IAEL members welcome.



Monday 8th June



10.00 - 11.00

Networking Village

Palais Level -1












11:30 - 12:30

Music Business Stage

Riviera 7


Speedmeetings - Meet the Music Lawyers

Specialist lawyers will be available for five-minute one-to-one consultations to provide guidance on relevant topics ranging from copyright to contract. No need to book, just turn-up! First come, first served.


Participants:Marc Jacobson, Lawyer, Law Offices of Marc Jacobson, P.C. (USA); Dr. Ralf Kitzberger, Partner, Grub Frank Bahmann Schickhardt Englert (Germany); Josh Love, Attorney, LaPolt Law (US); Tony Morris, Partner; Marriott Harrison (UK); Jens Krogh Petersen, Partner, LETT Law Firm (Denmark); Radboud Ribbert, Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig (Netherlands); Jagdish Sagar, IP and Media Lawyer (India); Götz Schneider-Rothhaar, Managing Partner, Fuhrmann Wallenfels (Germany); Al Staehely, Lawyer, Law Office of Al Staehely, Jr. (US); and Emmanuel Verraes, Partner,Verraes Law (Belgium)


The IAEL Workshop - Collecting The Cash

Speakers: Cliff Fluet, Partner, Lewis Silkin (UK); and Angela Rose White, Chief Operating Officer, David Rose Publishing (US)


How to manage your rights worldwide in a digital age? The why, when and where of using collecting societies, agents and other intermediaries in order to maximize returns and protect revenue streams. This session will provide a practical roadmap for anyone setting out on the international licensing trail.








PLEASE NOTE: All legal seminars organised by the International Association of Entertainment Lawyers (IAEL) at MIDEM 2015 have continuing professional development/education points accreditation for: the Dutch Bar Association and the New York, California and Pennsylvania Bar Associations in the US. (Following the May 2015 changes by the SRA to the continuing education rules in England & Wales, formal accreditation is no longer needed or provided in that jurisdiction. The IAEL was an accredited provider before this change to the rules.)  Anyone attending the seminars who wishes to claim such points should fill in the attendance forms at the event. Further local confirmation where necessary may be necessary for the relevant accreditation body. IAEL members who would like accreditation for other Bar Associations should contact the IAEL at duncan.calow@dlapiper.com prior to the events.