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International Disposition of Music Catalogs

Music catalog sales, purchases, and collateralization are ubiquitous and varied. IP assets may be sold and purchased in whole, in part, in pieces, and for value based on many considerations. Weighing diverse factors, the transactions may be relatively simple or extremely complicated. In confirming the chain of title, which bears on the ultimate value to buying and selling parties, the due diligence processes may reveal unanticipated and costly complications. Some obstacles may be surmounted and some may kill the deal. The purchase agreement must contemplate pre-closing and post-closing contingencies, including litigation. A thorough review of international aspects of disposition requires further sophistication. This edition explores the sale, purchase, and collateralization of music catalogs for musical compositions, recordings, and related IP issues from the point of view of the various parties to the transaction. The authors provide practical edification and issue-raising guidance to these complex commercial transactions.

Edited by Ken Abdo, Fox Rothschild (US); and Jake Abdo, Greenberg Traurig (US) (Netherlands).



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