Musikbiz Summit 2015


"The equitable remuneration in the digital age – minimum wage for the entertainment industry ? " : Panel discussion

In 2015, for the second time, the Musikmesse held the  “Musikbiz Summit” - one of the first events to bring together leading organizations and key players of the entertainment industry to discuss questions as follows:  "What is the equitable remuneration for the use of recordings,  live performances or musical compositions? How much do record companies, publishers, artists, artist managers or digital service providers deserve for their investments, services and rights? Who shall participate in income for advertising on Youtube or how small may the percentage be Spotify pays in return for a stream? Is there a general formula to define what "reasonable" means? Can artist, composers or other creative members of the entertainment- and creative industry claim a right for a minimum wage for the entertainment industry?

To know where the initial organizations and key players stand and what their actual topics are, the event started with key notes of the panelists participating. These statements were followed by a hosted discussion, but also gave the audience and delegates the opportunity to meet and discuss the aforementioned issues. And while intended for insiders, executives and members of the participating organizations, it was also open to all others attending this year’s Musikmesse. 


-Karsten Schölermann (Chairman of  LiveMusikKommission e.V., member of the European Network Live DMA)

-Micki Meuser (Composer for Filmmusic and Producer of various artists, Chairman of  the German Filmcomposers Union, Member of the Board of the German Filmcomposers Organisation)

-Wolf-D. Schoepe (Lawyer, Member of the Executive Committee IAEL / K & E Rechtsanwälte für Kultur & Entertainment)

-Wolfgang Weyand (Member of the board of DOMUS, CEO of Weyand Entertainment GmbH, Director Cultural Program German Pavillon
EXPO Milano 2015)


Götz Schneider-Rothhaar / Lawyer

Member of the Executive Committee, IAEL, Managing Partner of FUHRMANN WALLENFELS Frankfurt am Main