Wednesday 18 October 2023


12.30 – 13.30: The IAEL Masterclass: The Law, Music & AI

LOCATION: Felix Meritis, Keizersgracht 324, 1016 EZ Amsterdam

An international discussion of the rights, regulatory and other legal issues that arise from the use of artificial intelligence in the music sector.


Christine Lepera, Partner, Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP (USA)


Bradley Mullins, Partner, Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP (USA)

Massimo Travostino, Partner, DGTB Legal (Italy)

Gordon Williams, Partner, Lee & Thompson (UK)


16.15 – 23.00:IAEL Members Boat Cruise folllwed by Dinner (outside Amsterdam)

IAEL members only. Depart at 16.15 by coach from Paulus Potterstraat – please meet by the Stedelijk Musuem, for a cruise on the River Vecht followed by dinner at restaurant Buitenplaats Slangevegt, Straatweg 40, Breukelen; https://slangevegt.nl/. Coach returns to Paulus Potterstraat after dinner.



Thursday 19 October 2023


14.15 – 15.45: The IAEL Legal Update for Entertainment & Technology 

LOCATION:Felix Meritis, Keizersgracht 324, 1016 EZ Amsterdam

This session is your front-row seat to the latest legal happenings in the entertainment/music/tech industries across the world. Once again, legal and industry experts will weigh in on the hottest legal topics that defined 2023 and will shape 2024. This year’s edition will cover the legal impact of AI - including the class actions commenced by Sarah Silverman and US authors, the Getty Images vs. Stability AI dispute in the UK, the US Copyright Office’s refusal to register copyright in the AI generated comic Zarya of the Dawn and the Thayer v Perlmutter decision denying copyright protection to AI generated works; the Ticketmaster Flop Era and secondary ticketing issues; competition law’s past and future impact on the music industry; implications of the recent Belgium/Netherlands tax treaty on entertainers and athletes domestically and beyond; US courtroom headliners including the highly anticipated Warhol Foundation v. Goldsmith (“Prince portrait”) Supreme Court decision, Ed Sheeran’s copyright victory, yet more plagiarism claims against Dua Lipa’s Levitating and Bang Energy’s unlicensed use of music on TikTok; important EU case law touching on such issues as plane/train broadcast of music; musical box infringement of Charles Trenet’s moral rights; music in a violent Narcos scene and moral rights; a Tina Turner look-alike; the never ending Kraftwerk sampling saga and music industry-focused trademark litigation including Katy Perry’s Australian court loss and TikTok’s defence of its mark.


Susan Abramovitch, Head of Entertainment & Sports Law, Gowling WLG (Canada)

Peter Marx, Partner, Marx Van Ranst Vermeersch & Partners (Belgium)


Nicole Booi, Partner, Aanic Legal Services, Trademarks & Consultancy N.V. (Aruba)

Joshua Graubart, Partner, Romano Law (USA)

Dr. Jenny Kanellopoulou, Senior Lecturer, Manchester Law School (UK)

Marijn Kingma, Partner, Höcker Advocaten (The Netherlands)

Dr. Dick Molenaar, Tax Partner, All Arts Tax Advisers (The Netherlands)

Alexander Ross, Partner, Wiggin (UK)


16.15 – 18.15: The IAEL Main Seminar: “From the Metaverse to AI and Everything In Between: How International Law Is Attempting To Keep Pace With Rapid Technological Advances”

LOCATION:Felix Meritis, Keizersgracht 324, 1016 EZ Amsterdam

This year’s Main Seminar panel will discuss and debate all the critical topics, both legal and commercial, surrounding the dynamic shift in technological trends that brought us in less than a year “From the Metaverse to AI, and Everything In Between” - the title of IAEL’s 2023/4 Book which will be officially launched at this event. They will deep dive into the business implications of this shift, the data protection challenges and the renewed need for personality right protection. They will also provide guidance on expanding trademark portfolios, dealing with IP infringements, digital asset ownership and developer closures, as well as illustrating how to organize virtual music concerts, navigate platform responsibilities, and tackle disputes and dispute resolution in the metaverse.


Olga Sihtar, Associate, Orsingher-Ortu Avvocati Associati (Italy)

Bradley Mullins, Partner, Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP (USA)


Susan Abramovitch, Head of Entertainment & Sports Law, Gowling WLG (Canada)

The Avatar Era: Personality Right Protection in the Metaverse

Pietro La Fortezza, DLA Piper (Italy)

Disputes Resolution in the Metaverse: an Italian perspective

Jeff Liebenson, IAEL President, Liebenson Law (USA)

Confronting New Legal Developments in the Rapidly Evolving Digital Music Industry

Bianca Muller, Principal, Muller - Law Firm (Germany)

How to Obtain Trademark Protection in the Metaverse

Anne-Marie Pecoraro, Partner, and Rodolphe Boissau, Associate, UGGC Law Firm (France) Meta Regulation for Platforms in the Metaverse

Stephanie Rotelli, Partner, Cosmo Legal (Italy)

Avaworld: A New Era for Fashion Design and Promotainment?

Wim Schreurs, Founder, Ubilex BV (Belgium)

Artificial Intelligence and the Metaverse.



Followed by 

18.45 – 23.00: IAEL Members Dinner (outside Amsterdam)

IAEL members only. Immediately after the Main Seminar we depart at 18.45 by coach from Paulus Potterstraat – by the Stedelijk Musuem, for dinner at Restaurant De Kruidfabriek, De Oude Molen 5 at Amstelveen; https://dekruidfabriek.nl/. Coach returns to Paulus Potterstraat after dinner.



Friday 20 October 2023


10.30 – 12.00: The IAEL AGM

LOCATION:Felix Meritis, Keizersgracht 324, 1016 EZ Amsterdam

IAEL members only. Annual general meeting of the IAEL.  


14.30 – 16.00: Speedmeetings - Meet the Lawyers

LOCATION:Felix Meritis, Keizersgracht 324, 1016 EZ Amsterdam

IAEL lawyers will be available to ADE attendees for five-minute one-to-one consultations to provide guidance on relevant topics ranging from copyright to contract.