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Mr Jagdish Sagar

Advocate - Delhi High Court

Address: 180-B, Pocket 1
State: Delhi
Country: India
Partners: Solo practice
Lawyers: Have part time, non-exclusive arrangements with two junior lawyers.
Speciality: Clientele of rights owners; have been advising rights owners regarding extensive amendments to Copyright Act in India, effective from 21st June 2012; am currently counsel in three petitions in the Delhi High Court challenging the constitutionality of some of the amendments . My main clients are film and music producers and two collecting societies. Have extensive experience of International Treaty issues, have advised and am currently advising American clients regarding Indian Government positions on International Treaties, and representing client concerns to the Government.
Languages spoken: English, French (not too fluent), Hindi, Urdu
Events attended: MIDEM, 2009; IIPA 2010; World Copyright Conference 2011, SXSW (as panelist) 2012; MIDEM 2013.
Personal CV: Was a senior civil servant; represented India on copyright at the TRIPS negotiations and in WIPO forums. After retirement, Partner (initially, Consultant) in Anand and Anand, India\'s largest IP firm. Practicing independently since December 2011.