IAEL @ Midem - General Information

The main date in the IAEL calendar remains its annual event held at MIDEM, the main international trade fair of the music business held each January in Cannes, France.  Although the location means there is a strong music industry theme, the activities are often relevant to lawyers working in other areas of entertainment law. 

At Midem, the IAEL organise two main formal sessions: the first session deals with a subject chosen for its international relevance.  Essays, interviews and commentary on the subject are published each year in the form of the IAEL Book edited by the session chairperson.  Contributors to the book and other leading lawyers and figures from the industry are invited to present and debate on key issues (both legal and commercial) relevant to the chosen subject.

The second session includes presentations on the key entertainment and media law developments during the previous twelve months - along with key issues to watch out for in the coming year.  Members from around the world contribute and the sessions are very popular with non-lawyers too. 

In addition, the IAEL assists MIDEM in organising various legal Workshops - practical Q&A sessions - often linked to the themed summits within the overall MIDEM programme.  The IAEL also organises a Masterclass which aims to focus on a particular topic in further detail.News regarding times and venues for the IAEL sessions are posted on the News and Events sections of this site and publicised by the MIDEM organisers.  Non-members are able to attend. 

All IAEL members are also invited to members only social events including lunches, dinners and cocktails.  Members who are interested in participating as contributors and/or speakers can find details of the opportunities available on this site or through Executive Committee members or by getting in touch via Contact us.

The IAEL also holds its annual general meeting and executive committee meetings at MIDEM. Other Markets & Festivals Over the past few years, a number of additional dates have been added to the IAEL calendar including participation in seminars at the Cannes Film Festival, Popkomm, the Rio Film Festival  and other entertainment industry events.

Please see the Events section for further details. If you have ideas or would like to organise further activities, please contact us. Check the news and events sections of the website for further details.