Dear IAEL Members,

As we continue to build our participation in the television industry, we have obtained a discount for our members who wish to attend RioContentMarket on March 8-10, 2017, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: http://riocontentmarket.com/.

RioContentMarket is the biggest audio-visual content event in Latin America, and last year’s edition had more than 3,500 participants from 36 countries.

The IAEL is organizing a panel at the event, "Business Models in Brazil and in the US.” We have an opening for a US speaker on the panel, so please let me know if you are interested.

IAEL members who wish to attend will be entitled to 30% discount.  Anyone wishing to take advantage of this discount should contact Rachel do Valle at rachel@braziliantvproducers.com.

I hope that many of you can attend. 

Best, Jeff