MIDEM 2015 - Print for Masterclass

For those who are attending this year's Masterclass (details below), you can download and print our mock agreement to take with you.

Our speakers will be running through this example.

Saturday, 6th June 2015, 12:00 to 13:00

Training Room, Palais Level -1

Masterclass – Synch Deals


  • Tom Foster, Head of Film & TV Licensing, Universal Music Publishing (UK)
  • Annabelle Gauberti, Partner, Crefovi (France)
  • Bernard Resnick, Attorney at Law, Bernard M. Resnick, Esq. (USA)
  • Massimo Travostino, Partner, Studio Legale Pecoraro-Travostino (Italy) 

The business of synchronization - of placing music within ads, films, TV and games - is a hugely important business for labels, artists, brands and the creators of those other media. In this session expert speakers will guide you through the main legal and commercial factors when negotiating a synch licensing deal.