Midem 2014 - IAEL Programme

Sunday 2nd February

 10:00 - 12:00 Legal Summit, Training Room, Level 01


IAEL Legal Update Seminar What You Need To Know In 2014: The Legal Update for Entertainment & Technology.


Chairman: Alexander Ross, Partner, Wiggin (UK)

Keynotes: Darryl Ballantyne, CEO, LyricFind, Inc (Canada) and Jamie Searle, Head of Content Partnerships Music, Base79 (UK).

Speakers:Susan Abramovitch, Partner, Gowlings (Canada); Philippe Allaeys, Partner, Twelve (France); Eberhard Kromer, SKW Schwarz (Germany); Peter Marx, Partner, Marx Van Ranst Vermeersch & Partners (Belgium); Deborah Newman, Consultant & Attorney, MusicStrat (US); Dmitry Semenov, Senior Associate, Baker & McKenzie (Russia); and Gordon Williams, Partner, Lee & Thompson (UK)


Once again legal and industry experts report on those developments which have had a major impact on the industry this year, along with what we can expect in the next twelve months. The session will be split into two: one part reviewing media law issues, the other focusing on technology.


12:00 - 13:00 Legal Summit, Training Room, Level 01


IAEL Masterclass - Knowing Your Fans, Keeping It Legal


Speakers: Steve Corn, CEO, BFM Digital Inc (US); Tony Morris, Partner, Marriott Harrison (UK); Bernard Resnick, Attorney at Law, Bernard M. Resnick, Esq. (USA); and Massimo Travostino, Partner, Studio Legale Pecoraro-Travostino (Italy)


Digital marketing and distribution is all about audience engagement, interactivity and personalisation. But managing fans’ personal information and promoting music in the social media age can be a regulatory minefield. Once again this session uses case studies and real-world examples to explain how to keep it legal.


14:30 - 17:30 Legal Summit, Training Room, Level 01


IAEL Main Seminar – Licensing of Music from BC to AD ("Before the Change/After Digital")


Chairpersons: Adrienn Karancsi, Managing Director, Bliss Business Solutions (Spain) and James Kendrick, Partner, Alter & Kendrick LLP (USA)

Speakers: Tahir Basheer, Partner, Sheridans (UK); Katrina Bleckley, Attorney at Law, LaPolt Law P.C. (USA); Cindy Charles, President, Cindy Charles Consulting (US); Enric Enrich, Partner, Enrich Advocats (Spain); Charlie Lexton, General Counsel, Merlin Network (UK); Steven Masur, Partner, Cowan Debaets Abrahams & Sheppard (US); Priscilla Mattison, Of Counsel, Bernard M. Resnick, Esq. (USA); John McLellan, Partner, Haldanes (Hong Kong); Fabio Pereira, Partner, Veirano Advogados (Brazil); and Robert Singerman, Global Music Consultant, LyricFind/Brasil Music Exchange/88tc88.com (US) 


The technologies that have transformed global content distribution have made it more important than ever for entertainment professionals to properly understand rights and licensing.  This session will take a step back and remind us how music licensing used to work, explain how it works now and suggest how it might work in the future.  The session launches publication of the 2014 IAEL Book. 


Coffee and Networking Break at 16:00


Followed at 17.30 by The IAEL Cocktail Party  


From 19.30: (Plage Royale):  The IAEL Member Dinner***  



 Monday 3rd February


10:00 - 11:00 Networking Village, Level 01

SpeedmeetingsMeet the Lawyers


Participants:Kerstin Backer, Partner, Lausen Lawyers (Germany); Florian Ducommun, Partner, HDC Law Firm (Switzerland); Annabelle Gauberti, Partner, Crefovi (UK/France); Marcelo Goyanes, Partner, Murta Goyanes (Brazil); Eric Keyzer, Of Counsel, Allen & Overy (Netherlands); Bianca Muller, Lawyer, Entertainment Lawyers (Germany); Jens Krogh Petersen, Partner, LETT Law Firm (Denmark); Peer P. Peterson, Partner, Bech Brunn (Denmark); Götz M. Schneider-Rothhaar, Partner, Fuhrmann Wallenfels (Germany) ; and Kevin Thomson, Partner, Thomson Gabriele LLP (Canada)

Specialist lawyers will be available for five-minute one-to-one consultations to provide guidance on relevant topics ranging from copyright to contract.  No need to book, just turn-up! First come, first served.


11:30 - 13:00 Auditorium D, Level 03




Annual general meeting of the IAEL - all IAEL members welcome.


Tuesday 4th February

 11:30 – 12:30 Innovation Factory, Lerins Hall


IAEL Workshop – Digital Rights & Cross-Border Issues


Chairman: Jeff Liebenson, President of the IAEL, Liebenson Law (US)

Speakers: Marcelo Goyanes, Founding Partner, Murta Goyanes (Brazil); Andrew Jenkins; Executive Vice President, Asia Pacific Region and Industry Affairs, Universal Music Publishing International (UK), Anne-Marie Pecoraro, Partner, Aklea (France) and John Rudolph, Principal, Music Analytics (US).


How can you safely navigate the international digital licensing landscape? It's an often complex mix of masters, publishing, neighbouring and artists' rights with different approaches in different markets - whether you are clearing rights or collecting moneys. This workshop will provide a roadmap for anyone setting out on the international licensing trail.


 ***IAEL members only