IAEL Legal Summit @ ADE 2023

Following the success of our first-time IAEL Legal Summit in Amsterdam in 2022, we are delighted to return in 2023!  We are planning dinners and excursions for our members so we all will have opportunities to interact together, and our Legal Summit panels will bring you the latest legal developments. 


We will enjoy dinner on a boat cruise past beautiful Dutch villages on the River Vecht.  The following night we will have an IAEL dinner in a former factory built in 1718 along the Amstel river.  Here are the key dates for your planning purposes:


Wednesday October 18, 2023 

The IAEL Masterclass on AI--12.30–1:30pm

Welcome dinner boat cruise on the River Vecht—5pm (departure by bus from Amsterdam)-10pm.   


Thursday October 19, 2023 

The IAEL Legal Update for Entertainment & Technology--2:15-3:45pm

IAEL Book presentation “From the Metaverse to AI, and Everything In Between:  How International Law is Attempting to Keep Pace With Rapid Technological Advances”--4:15-6:15pm

IAEL dinner at De Kruidfabriek--7:15-10pm.      


Friday October 20, 2023 

The IAEL Annual General Meeting--10:30am-12pm

Speedmeetings-Meet the Lawyers--2:30-3:30pm.     


ADE is a large industry gathering.  It includes its Pro Conference with our IAEL Legal Summit and numerous music events around the city.  IAEL registrants will have free access to all ADE events. 


If you have not already registered, you may obtain your IAEL members discount while registering at:  https://shop.eventix.io/7202c362-fd11-44db-96fe-ac07c33922b6/tickets?shop_code=3sksq9a