Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg


IAEL at Reeperbahn Festival 2022 in Hamburg (21 – 24 September 2022)

The Reeperbahn Festival and its conference of the music industry is unique in all of Europe. Many national and international newcomers and well-known artists present themselves in great locations around the Reeperbahn while key players of the music and live entertainment industry discuss core topics of their business.


The IAEL will be again part of the conference, this time with two events on substantial music industry developments. Chantal Bolzern (Suisse), Wolf Schoepe (Germany), Peter Marx ( Belgium) and Götz Schneider-Rothhaar (Germany) will be the moderators and / or panelists. The panels are both on 22 September 2022. Details can be found on the below links.


1. “That`s Entertainment Law - NFTs, Pastiches, Europe and misc.”(Panel)

What’s hot and what’s new in the entertainment world? Experienced lawyers of the globally operating International Association of Entertainment Lawyers IAEL present the newest developments and cases from the music- and neighboring businesses and invite the audience to discuss.



2. “NFTs? What does it mean? How does it work?”(Workshop)

The entire music industry seems to concentrate on non-fungible-token NFT’s and smart contracts as “the new source of income”. Different platforms offer block chain background to enable rights holders to issue own NFT’s, but still most of the interested people and companies don’t know how to do it. This workshop-session focuses on the legal, but mainly on the practical- and also the marketing side of NFT’s. Music lawyers of the globally operating International Association of Entertainment Lawyers IAEL give a practically and understandable background. Participants are expressly invited to discuss and to bring their own questions.