MusicTech 30 September

We are delighted to report that we will hold our first-ever IAEL event in San Francisco: a panel presentation entitled “International Digital Music Licensing: Pursuing Growth and the Licensing Labyrinth.” 

Here is the announcement providing details of the event: http://liebensonlaw.com/IAEL-SFMusicTech.pdf.  

IAEL members who also wish to attend SF MusicTech
can obtain a 20 percent registration discount by registering at http://sfmts14.eventbrite.com with the code "IAEL".

Many thanks to the IAEL members who helped to make this possible including Cecily Mak, Jan D'Alessandro, Richard Idell, Marc Jacobson, Cindy Charles and Korey Anvaripour.

We hope to see many of you there at our IAEL event, and at SF MusicTech.