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2007 In 2007 - with the digital distribution of content redefining retail - the issue of private copying has never been more relevant, or more contested. This year's IAEL book considers if and how the needs of both consumers and copyright holders can be reconciled in an age of downloading and digital storage; or if they will always be mutually antagonistic. - Edited by Peter Marx
2006 Competition: As companies move to establish their position in the emerging digital markets, talk of mergers and consolidation has become commonplace - this book explores the competition anti-trust issues which are crucial to those market changes.
- Edited by Isabelle Wekstein

Celebrity: Where celebrity, media and law meet. A collection of essays by the leading minds in entertainment law explore the effect of new legislation.
- Edited by Jay Cooper and Ken Burry

2004 Back to the Future: 30 years of experience show that new solutions in law draw on the lessons of history
- Edited by Robert Horsfall
2003 Music Unleashed: Legal Implications Of Mobile Music Distribution
- Edited by Rolf Auf der Maur and Marc Jacobson
2002 Collective Licensing: Past, Present And Future
- Edited by James M. Kendrick
2001 Talent In The New Millennium
- Edited by Tara G. Donovan
2000 Legal And Commercial Effects Of Digitisation On The Music Industry
- Edited by Julian Turton and Eric Lauvaux
1999 Music In Film, Television And Advertising
- Edited by Paddy Grafton Green and Gunter Poll
1998 Business And Legal Aspects Of Live Concerts And Touring
- Edited by Arend Jan van der Marel and Louise Nemschoff
1997 The Impact Of Competition Law On The Music Industry
- Edited by Eric Lauvaux and Julian Turton
1996 Multimedia Deals In The Music Industry
- Edited by William Roos and Jacqueline Seignette
1995 Moral Rights
- Edited by Cees van Riij and Hubert Best
1994 Digital Cable Radio – The Tensions Betewen The Music Industry And The Broadcasting Industry
- Edited by Robert W. Allan
1993 Enforcement of Copyright and Related Rights Affecting the Music Industry
- Edited by Paul Supnik and Sarah Faulder
1992 Mechanical Rights
- Edited by David Lester and Sarah Faulder
1991 Music And New Markets
- Edited by Julian Turton and Cees van Rij
1990 Neighbouring Rights: Artists, Producers And Their Collecting Societies
- Edited by David Peeperkorn and Cees van Rij
1989 Collecting Societies In The Music Business
- Edited by David Peeperkorn, Cees van Rij and David Lester
1988 Music And The New Technologies
- Edited by David Peeperkorn and Cees van Rij
1987 Limitation Of Free Bargaining And Sanctity Of Contracts With Performing Artists And Composers
- Edited by David Peeperkorn
1986 Sponsorship
- Edited by [ ]